FAQ & How To’s

SurveyToGo Service

Which PDA devices do you recommend for mobile surveys?

How To: Use the Dooblo Scripting Department “Issue Tracking” System

SurveyToGo Payment

SurveyToGo Payment Model

Are interviews purchased for all surveys or a specific survey?

How to: Payment through wire transfers


How To: Install SurveyToGo on a Windows Mobile PDA?

How To: Install SurveyToGo on an Android Tablet or Phone?

How to: Install PC Surveyor

How to: Install SurveyToGo on Bluestacks

SurveyToGo Studio Upgrade Process

Managing Projects, Data & The Organization

How To: Edit data that was collected in SurveyToGo

How To: Adding users into groups

How to set a survey to not auto-approve uploaded interviews?

How to: Assign different surveyors to surveys from the same project?

How to: Export the text of an answer instead of the code?

How to: Setup a quality assurance chapter

Explanation: The different time fields captured with SurveyToGo

How to: Manage your SurveyToGo Account Storage Space

How To: check your organizations balance and usage reports

How To: Add surveyors to projects

How To: Delete Results (Interviews)

How To: Import A Survey

How To: Return results to a Surveyor

How To: View Older Versions Of Your Survey

How To: View you Accounts Usage & Attachments Reports 

How To: Upload ‘Not-Completed’ Results

How To: Generate Automatic Export’s

How To: Use SurveyToGo Powerful Search Feature

How To: Hide Unanswered Questions When Exporting Results To Word

How to: Change you SurveyToGo Studio Password

List of all automatically captured fields and variables

How To: Make safe changes in Production Survey’s?

How To: Different Ways of Terminating An Interview

How to: Use the rounds feature to implement project “Waves”

How to: Export to SPSS Quantum

How to: Use SurveyToGo Tabulation

How to: Send To Support on PC Surveyor 

How to: Keep Variable Names Constant 

GPS Functionality in SurveyToGo

How to: Retrieve failed subjects

How to: Lock the device “options” screen

How to: Use “Auto back-check”

How to: Export native SurveyToGo projects to IBM SPSS Data Collection DDF/MDD files

How to: Using the Operational Dashboards

How to: Using the Operational Dashboards Fieldwork Reports

How To Use The SurveyToGo REST API

How To: Challenges of running Tracker Projects with Fixed-File formats like SPSS Quantum and Triple-S, Dooblo Recommendations

How To Flag Interviews Based On Duration

Survey Creation

How To: Add a “none of the above” option to a multi select question that will force all other answers to become not selected

How To: Randomize Survey Questions, Answers & Topics

How To: Change the default “-1” coding of questions that were not answered?

How to: Use an excel file as a data list in a survey?

How to: add a bar code scanner to a question?

How to: Export ‘Multi-Selection’ questions in different ways?

How To: Add an exclusive answer in Multi-Selection questions?

How To: Add multiple questions per page?

How To: Add ‘Other Specify’ option to Multi-Selection questions?

How To: Add a Logo to your survey?

How To: Import/Export Quotas with Excel?

How To: Work with QRef’s & Short ID’s?

How To: Show Answers As Pictures? 

How To: Add A Signature Question?

How To: Edit Questions Properties?

How To: Render Multi-Choice/Multi-Topic Questions?

How To: Edit The Survey’s Texts?

How To: Display Video Files Stored On Your Android Device?

How To: Create A Kish Grid Model?

How To: Create Custom Action Buttons?

How To: Render Answers As Multiple Columns?

How To: Add Sketch Board Questions?

How to: Enable “Silent Recordings” Of Interviews (Or how to listen-in on CAPI interviews)

How to: Using the SurveyToGo Dummy Data Generator

How to: Using Quota Sheets

How to: Design Surveys With Returning Visits

Survey Properties Overview

How to – Use offline mapping

How to – Add “city search” to a location question

How to: Use Custom Question Rendering Packages (CQRP)

How to: Write a Custom Question Rendering Package (CQRP)

How To Use Text Highlighting Rendering Option

How To Import an IBM SPSS Data Collection (Dimensions) script into SurveyToGo

How To Create a User with Tabulation (or any other module) access only

Survey Logic:

How to: Introduction to basic scripting operators

How To: Filter answers by answers?

How to: Pipe text objects in your survey?

SurveyToGo – Built-In Functions

How To: Create Branching Rules?

How To: Create Entrance Rules? (Skip Rules)

How To: Create Validation Rules?

How To: Convert surveys From Windows To Android?

How To: Filter Topics By Topics?

How To: Use & Implement ‘For’ Loops?

How To: Use & Implement ‘If’ Statements? (Conditional Scripting)

How To: Use & Implement Global Variables?

How To: Creating Start\End Scripts?

How To: Introduction to Regular Expressions (RegEx)

How To: Validate GPS is Working?

Script Writer Function Hand-Book

How To: Force GPS Capturing

How To: Implement Timers

How to: Control Attachment names through script

How to: use functions across a script using the Advanced Scripts section

How to: set an answer in an answer scale to not be part of a randomization

Data Collection

How to: Synchronize a survey to the phone/tablet

Why aren’t my surveys synchronizing to the PDA?

Do I need to configure anything for the PDA GPS location to be captured?

How to remove the automatic synchronization of surveys and results of SurveyToGo on the PDA?

Can SurveyToGo be used to collect data when off-line?

Which tablet device to use for offline CAPI surveys?

How To View Captured GPS Data?

How To Print out Interviews?


How to use the the SurveyCache Extension DLL?

How To: Very Useful Trick using a loop, piping and answer scales.

How To: Use Geo-Fencing Functions

How To: Measure Time Between Questions

How To: Perform Silent-Photo-Capturing

How To: Import Results from one organization to another organization

Release Notes

SurveyToGo Studio version 1.32.174 release notes

SurveyToGo Studio version 1.32.150 release notes

SurveyToGo Studio version 1.32.136 release notes

SurveyToGo Android App version 1.32.117 release notes

SurveyToGo Studio version 1.32.121 release notes

SurveyToGo Android App version 1.32.107 release notes

SurveyToGo Studio version 1.32.113 release notes

SurveyToGo Android App version 1.32.104 release notes

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