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How to edit data that was collected in SurveyToGo

January 22, 2011 1 comment

How to edit data that was collected in SurveyToGo

You can always edit data after it was collected using the SurveyToGo Studio. To prevent you from changing data by mistake, interviews are always marked as “read only”. So, to be able to edit the data your first step would be to change the interview from the approved status – which is read only – to one of the “read/write” statuses. To edit the data of an interview follow these steps:

  1. Double click the operations node of the relevant project: 

  2. Locate the relevant interview from the list of interviews, and click the “Update status” in order to change it from read-only to editable:
  3. Select the “In Progress” status and click the OK to accept the change:
    Note that you might need to change the filters to include “in progress” status to make sure the interview shows up in your operations console:

  4. Next , double click on the interview to open up the interview details. This screen will now be in read-write mode:

    Finally, change back the status of the interview to “Approved” again so that it will become read-only again:

    And you can now press the OK button to confirm the changes.

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Are interviews purchased for all surveys or a specific survey?

December 15, 2009 Leave a comment
Once you purchase an interviews package, your account is loaded with the interviews amount and you can use these interviews for any production survey. Interviews are NOT restricted to a single survey or a single user.
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Do I need to configure anything for the PDA GPS location to be captured?

December 15, 2009 Leave a comment
No, SurveyToGo comes pre-installed with GPS configurations that should allow it work with any Windows Mobile PDA based integrated GPS. However, in some cases you might want to change some of the GPS settings to fit your specific requirements. This can be done by:
1. Click the “Tools > Options > GPS” tab:




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Why aren’t my surveys synchronizing to the PDA?

December 15, 2009 1 comment

In order for a survey to synchronize to the PDA / Laptop you should make sure of the following:

1. The survey is saved.

2. The survey is either in Test or Production mode
Surveys need to be in either Test or Production mode in order to get synchronized to the PDA.

3. The PDA is connected
To check this, tap the Tools > Options > “Test Connection” button and make sure you see a “Connection Verified” message appear:

4. The PDA is synchronized
Synchronization happens after login and then every 10 minutes. To force a synchronization of the surveys, tap the “Synchronize > Surveys” menu option:

5. The survey is assigned to the user on the PDA
If you are logging in with a different user to the PDA and a different user to the Designer, make sure you have assigned the survey to the correct user by clicking the “Survey > Assign to Surveyors” menu option of the designer:

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Which PDA devices do you recommend for mobile surveys?

December 15, 2009 Leave a comment

SurveyToGo is compatible with all the Windows Mobile PDA’s.
From our experience however, some PDA’s perform better as field survey devices than others.
Here is short list of good devices. Of these, we recommend the HTC Diamond Touch:

1. PDA Devices with cellular capabilities

These devices are more expensive but can synchronize and send survey results from the field through the cellular network. They also usually have camera and GPS capabilities which SurveyToGo can utilize in surveys. Here are 2 good devices:

Click here for a comparison chart of the 2 GPRS models.

2. PDA Devices without cellular capabilities:

These devices are less expensive but require a USB PC connection in order to synchronize the results. Most do not have cameras or GPS. Here is a good device

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SurveyToGo Payment Model

December 15, 2009 Leave a comment

There are no license costs, no IT costs, no setup costs or other hidden costs. We only have a simple  “per usage” cost model. This means you simply pre-purchase a package of interviews (different package sizes exist) which are loaded to your account. For every production interview you perform using SurveyToGo on the PDA or Laptop your account is deducted by 1 interview. You can perform as many test interviews as you need.

 The most updated list can be found here:

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How To: Adding users into groups

December 15, 2009 Leave a comment

In order to add users into groups you need to:

  1. Login to the Survey Manager
  2. Left click on “Groups”
  3. Right click on “Organization administrators”
  4. Click on “Group Properties”
  5. Click on “Add” and choose which users to add.
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