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How to manage your account attachment storage space




Each attachment captured from the field takes up from your account storage space. SurveyToGo allows you to easily manage your attachment storage space to make optimal use of the available space. The capabilities for management include the storage usage report and the archiving option.



Option 1: Storage Usage Report: How much free space do you have left & Identify which customers/projects take up space


The storage usage report is very useful to understand how much free space you have left and also identify which projects are taking up the most space. To identify which customers/projects take up the most space:


  1. Open the “Storage Usage Report”:
  2. This will open up the storage usage report:



The storage usage report shows you to following sections:


Free / Used space



This shows you the amount of free storage space that you can use to upload new attachments to your organization. Also this shows you the Maximum Size for a single attachment. If you need to have the maximum file size increased please contact support@dooblo.com



Complete VS Incomplete attachments



This shows you the number of attachments and space used by complete / incomplete attachments. The difference between them is:


Type of attachment Description
Complete Attachment Attachment that was uploaded in full from the field and is available for access when reviewing an interview.
Incomplete Attachment Attachment that is still marked “In progress” and was only partially uploaded from the field. Attachments are uploaded in small chunks and so until the entire attachment is uploaded in full from the field the attachment will show up as an “Incomplete Attachment”.


Total Attachments Size by Customer



This shows you a color coded view of which customer takes up the most space. The color coded green bar represents the amount of space used up by the individual customer. When drilling down to the project-level you will see a color coded blue bar that represents the space used by the individual projects within this customer. You can get access to the actual attachments by clicking on a project.


Attachments view



The attachments grid gives you a full list of all the attachments of a project. If you right click on an attachment you can do the following:



Action Description
Go to project Will open the project in the management tree and set the focus there so you can easily reach that project
Go to survey Will open the survey in the management tree and set the focus there so you can easily reach that survey
Delete Attachments This option will delete the attachment(s) selected and will give you back the space taken up by these attachments. It will not download a copy to your local computer but instead will just remove it from the datacenter. IMPORTANT NOTE:
never use this option for attachments you still need!!



You can also use the “Column grouping” feature to get a better break down of the attachments. For example, by dragging the “Type” column to the group by area, you can break all the attachments shown by the “Type”:



Now the grid is grouped by the “Type”:


You can also right click on the group to “Collapse / Expand All”:





Option 2: Archiving Attachments


SurveyToGo allows you to archive attachments. Archiving allows you to download all the attachments to your local system and then remove them from the datacenter to make up space for new attachments. In case you wish to archive the attachments:


  1. Open the “Result Attachment Usage Report”:
  2. Then, select the relevant time range and click the “Show” button:
  3. You will then a detailed report about how many attachment storage space you have used for the selected months:
  4. You can now choose to click the “Archive Attachments” to archive and free up the attachments storage:
  5. After choosing the relevant option of where to archive to and what month to archive, click the Start button:
  6. Once the process completes your attachments have been removed from your SurveyToGo Account and the relevant storage space is free for you to use for other attachments.



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