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Troubleshooting Missing Results

Problem description


Looking at the operations console results are missing. Interviewers say they performed a larger amount than can be seen in the console or have issue during the sync process.


Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Cause: Sync Issues, Connection related: Verify there are no connection issues preventing the upload

    Resolution: Identify one surveyor that faces the issue. Ask him/her to perform ‘Settings > Options > Test Connection’ on the device. If there is a connection error this may be the reason results were not synced.

    Possible Actions:

  • Ensure internet connection is available (for example that you can browse the internet) then try syncing and verify if interviews are uploaded.
  • Verify that the Server and URL have not been modified by the surveyor. Compare the values to a device where sync is working properly


  1. Cause: Missing Interviews, Survey Mode – Survey was not moved from Test to Production mode before starting field work.

    Resolution: If the survey is still in Test mode (only 10 results are visible in the console) move the survey to production and contact Dooblo Support for the recovery of the test surveys providing the survey name or id to restore.


  2. Cause: Sync Issues, Error Message related to credit or storage appears

    Resolution: Make sure the organization has interviews credits and/or enough storage space for the attachments to get uploaded.


If results are still missing Contact Dooblo Support with the details related to the missing interviews (Survey name, Surveyor Name, specific dates etc) and ask a surveyor that faces this issue to perform ‘Settings > Options > Admin > Send To Support’.


Visit us at: http://www.dooblo.net


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