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How To Use Dummy Questions


This how-to will show you how to use Dummy Question’s in your survey for scripting, data saving and logical purposes.
Dummy Questions are basically hidden questions that their answers are being set according to a script that matches your survey logic.
Then, the data stored within their answers can be used for further logical scripting when designing more complex scripts.
Dummy Questions can be used also to just save values you wish to see directly in the export.

Step 1: Adding dummy questions

Let’s say for example, we have a survey that first asks 3 questions in order to classify the respondent for further scripting logic:

1st question asks the Gender, 2nd question asks the Age group, 3rd question asks the average salary and the 4th question is a hidden question that has 3 classes as an answer.
Now, at the end script of question 3, or at any expression question after question 3 and before question 4, we should add our logic that eventually set’s the answer of the Dummy Question according to our logic.
Let’s say for example, that if a respondent is Male, 26 with a salary of 4000$ he would be classified as class A in the survey’s logic – so in our script we will use eventually use ‘SetAnswer()’ function to set question’s 4 answer to be respectively matching to our script’s logic.

Step 2: Pulling data out of dummy questions

Pulling data can be done as Setting, with the matching functions according to the question type, for example:
For Single Choice dummy Question’s you can use ‘Answer()’.

This way, we can use this Dummy Question for any further logical scripts in our survey, for example:
If we had 3 chapters, each one should be asked only for a specific class – with this method, we can just add each of these chapters an entrance rule that checks if it should be entered according to the class selected in the Dummy Question.


This is just a basic example of what you can do with dummy questions.
Dummy question are the right way to build your survey for modular and convenient logical scripting, whether it’s complex or pretty simple.
Beside’s providing an anchor for your scripts, it organizes your code and allows re-use of logical scripting data which is important for further scripts in your survey.
We highly recommend scripting with Dummy Question’s when necessary.

That’s it!

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