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How To Implement Multiple ‘Other Specify’


SurveyToGo’s Built-In ‘Other Specify’ mechanism allows only one answer in a question to be configured as ‘Other Specify’.
However, there are a few ways to configure more than one ‘Other Specify’ if needed with the tools SurveyToGo offers.
This ‘How-To’ will show you the two most common ways to do it.

1st Option: With an Open Ended Question

First, create the question you wish to have multiple ‘Other Specify’ answers too, but don’t configure it to have an ‘Other Specify’ answer, just create an answer called ‘Others’.

Then, add an Open-Ended question right after it:

But configure it’s Entrance rule that it enters only if ‘Others’ was chosen in the previous question.

This way, the Open-Ended question for mentioning all the others would be displayed only if ‘Others’ was selected in the previous question – allowing the surveyor to input as much as he wants.

2nd Option: With an Open Ended Grid Question

Create the same questions as the 1st option showed, with the same Entrance Rule.
But this time, set the Open Ended to be an Open Ended Grid with as much as ‘others’ as you would like to allow the surveyor to input, for example:

In this way, you should set the question to ‘Allow No Answer’ so the respondent can proceed in case that he has less ‘others’ than the pre-defined maximum of topics you have set.

That’s it!

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