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SurveyToGo Studio Upgrade Process


The SurveyToGo Studio version is determined first when you register and download from the Dooblo site.

Once installed you view your Studio version through the Studio’s Help->About:

When you register your version is registered in our systems and is Organization wide.

It means that every Studio, when launched, verifies with the server if the version is the latest as defined per the Organization. If the Organization version is a later version (only later than the current) the Studio will download the latest.

To receive a later version that includes new functionality or for any other reason the Dooblo support team can centrally upgrade an Organization’s studio to the latest version.

The below describes the process to follow to make the upgrade take effect (after configured on the central systems by the Dooblo support team).

Upgrade ‘SurveyToGo’ studio

  1. Re-open your ‘SurveyToGo’ and login into your account. On the lower left corner you will see and message that the studio has found a newer version and is being upgraded.

  2. After it finishes downloading it will install itself and after it finishes you will see a message that it finished upgrading your studio. 

  3. Close your ‘SurveyToGo’ studio, re-open it and login into your account.
  4. That’s it! Your studio has been upgraded to the newer version.

Visit us at: http://www.dooblo.net

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