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How to: keep variable names constant


Each question in the survey has a unique Variable Name, that later shows in the exported data.
When adding a new question, its Variable Name is set automatically, usually (but not always) corresponds with the question’s index in the script.
An automatic standard Variable Name is in this format: Q_xxx (where xxx represent a 3 digits number).
Same as a question’s Variable Name, each answer and topic in the script has its own unique Variable Name that is set automatically.
You can manually change all Variable names in the script (as long as each variable name stays unique for each question/answer/topic). If you do change an automatic Variable name, the new name will stay constant throughout the whole script, even if you keep adding new questions in between.
But, if you don’t change the automatic Variable name, it can be automatically changed when adding new questions.

This how to will show you the ways to keep you variable names constant.

Define all Answers/Topics Variable Names as constant

You can define all answers/topics Variables Names to remain constant (note that this next feature defines the answers and topics variables only, and not the questions variables)

  1. Go to the Survey Properties tab, and check the “Use question’s short id and id as basis for answer/topic variables”:
  2. Confirm the message that appears:

  3. And see that check box in enabled:

Important note: When enabling the check box above after you’ve already created your questions, answers and topics in the script, this action will “reset” all answers/topics Variable Names to correspond with the short id of the question.

You can then manually change the variable names if you want.

Changing the questions Variable Names manually

In order to keep the question’s Variable Name constant, you can manually change it to any unique name you want, through the Variables tab of the question:

As long as the question’s Variable Name doesn’t start with “Q_”, it will remain constant throughout the script.

That’s it!

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