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How to: Use SurveyToGo Tabulation


The Tabulation feature allows you to easily run simple and cross-tabulations on any given survey. Tabulation results can be either shown on screen or saved to HTML or Excel format for reporting. To use the tabulation feature:

  1. Step 1: Running simple tabulations
  2. Step 2: Running cross-tabulation

Pricing Note: The SurveyToGo Tabulation feature comes at a monthly charge (unlimited use) to our pay-per-interview customers, and is included free of charge for SurveyToGo Subscriptions customers. Request your 7 days free trial of the Tabulation feature today by contacting support@dooblo.com. To sign up for the SurveyToGo Tabulation, please see this link: https://www.dooblo.net/stgi/order.aspx?sku=3172970

Step 1: Running simple tabulations

To run simple tabulations

  1. Open the project where the survey resides and double click the “Tabulation” node:
  2. Select the relevant survey from the list and click the “Tabulate” button:
  3. Now you are ready to run the tabulation. Simple check the relevant questions you wish to run a tabulation for and click the “Create tabulation” button:
  4. Make sure that the date filters are set correctly to download the data you wish to tabulate:if you need to tabulate all data for the survey, uncheck the “upload date” and “submit date” filters.
  5. The tabulation outcome will show on the bottom part of the screen with a chart and a data table for each question:

Here is a description of the various parts of the Tabulation screen:

Component Description
(1) Tabulation Type Switch between regular and cross-tabulation mode
(2) Save/load from file You can save the tabulation settings and options to a special “tabulation settings” file. You will then be able to use that file in the future by loading it using the “Load from file” button or email the file to a colleague
(3) Create Tabulation The Create Tabulation button generates the tabulation based on your chosen settings
(4) Main Tabulation questions Select the relevant questions you wish to generate tabulations for. You can also click the “Check All” or “Clear All” to easily check or clear all the questions
(5) Additional data to show The various options for displaying additional data for each of the questions.
(7) Date filters Allows you to specify the dates you wish to run the tabulations for. If you wish to run the tabulation for all data, uncheck both filters.
(8) Filtering options Allows you to include/exclude data based on interview status and production/test mode. By default only production interviews are included


Step 2: Running cross-tabulation

To run Cross-tabulation:

  1. Switch the tabulation mode to “Cross-tabulation”:
  2. A new question list will show up to allow you to choose the questions to cross tabulate on:
    You can select to cross-tabulate on one or more questions
  3. Click the “Create Tabulation” button to generate the cross-tabulation:
  4. The cross-tabulation will show up on the bottom:

    If you cross-tabulate on more than one question, more than one tabulation will show:

Note: Sometimes, you will need to group sets of answers together for your tabulations. You can use the “Answer groups” to group answers together for the cross-tabulation. For example, here is how to group ages <40 and > 40 into 2 groups:

Which will show the group:

Next you can group the above 40 age groups together to generate a second group:

Now, if you generate a cross tab it will show you the data per the relevant 2 groups instead of 5 groups:

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