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How To Implement Grid Questions


In SurveyToGo, there are a 3 different types of Grid Questions:
Single-Choice Grid, Open-Ended Grid, Numeric Grid.

In this How-To, we will go over all the 3 Grid question types and show how to implement them.


Single-Choice Grid:

Single-Choice grid, are grid questions that allow you to add multiple topics, with one answer scale.
While each topic has to be answered with a single choice out of the answer scale you have added.
Here is how to implement it:

  1. Add a Single-Choice Grid question:

  2. Create the topics for your grid:

  3. Create the answers for your grid:

  4. Write the body text of your Grid-Question:

  5. We got a single choice grid question !
    With our topics, while each topic is asked for a single answer to be selected from the answers we have added:

*Single-Choice Grid questions can be rendered to be displayed differently, you can find the different rendering options in the following How-To link:
How-To Render Single Choice Grid Questions


Open-Ended Grid:

Open-Ended Grid questions, allow you to add multiple topics, while each topic is a text box for an open ended answer.

Here is how to implement it:


  1. Add an Open-Ended Grid question and choose its body text:

  2. Add your topics:

  3. Configure your text box’s through the answer tab:

  4. We got an open ended grid implemented :

Numeric Grid:

Numeric Grid questions are exactly like Open-Ended grids, but they allow only numeric values to be written in their box’s for each topic.


  1. Add a Numeric-Grid question and write its body-text:

  2. Add the topics:

  3. Configure your numeric answer box’s:

  4. We have a Numeric-Grid question:



That’s it!



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