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How To: Silent Recording


SurveyToGo Fully supports the built-in sound recorder within your tablets.
This How-To will show you how to use the recorder silently, in order to start\stop recording silently, without the sound recorder being visible or prompted at all.

How To Do It ?

In order to start recording silently, you should write the following code:

In order to stop recording silently, you should write the following code:

*Note: In order for the recording to function well, after every Start function must come a Stop function.
(They don’t have to be in the same question, you can put them wherever you want, even seperately)

In This example, I would start recording in the beginning of question 1, and would stop recording in the end of question 1.

If you use these two set of functions somewhere again in your interview, it will not over-write the older recording, but it would record another new file and attach it together with the old one to the interview result.

Where to get the attachments?

Under the operations console, if you double click a result, you can find your attachments under the ‘Attachment’ tab.

That’s it!

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