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How To: Validate GPS is Working


If you are planning to use the device GPS feature for conducting results with GPS coordinates, it is important to validate it is working.

How to Do It

Testing the GPS in the app’s options:

If the GPS is available & capturing you would see the following:

If not, it would write that it is not available.

The GPS Options

Enable\Disable GPS Capturing.

Enables usage of only the hardware GPS, preventing other GPS apps to interfere.

Will make the GPS sample constantly – important for Geo-Fencing.

Capture interviewer’s position in the GPS data.

Lets you determine the sampling frequency.

Disables usage of old GPS capturing in case of lack in functionality in the GPS.

Set the ‘lifetime’ of old GPS data, in case that your result haven’t collected GPS data due to a problem with the GPS it would turn to an old GPS reading, this would decide how long would old GPS readings last.

Cheking GPS functionality within the survey

You can check the following function, wherever you want in your survey:
GetGPSLocation().Latitude != “”

If it returns ‘true’ it means there is a Latitude, which means GPS is working.
If this returns ‘false’ it means that the Latitude returned is empty, which means GPS is not working.

That’s it!

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