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How To: Add A Sketch Question


SurveyToGo studio enables you to add a question will be for sketching.
Sketching can be done either on a blank page or on an image added.

How To Do It:

  1. First step, we will add a Open Ended Question (Free Text Question), and in it’s answer tab configure it to ‘Show as Sketch’:
  2. Now let’s go to the questions ‘Advanced’ tab, and configure the ‘Sketch’ board to be in the maximum page size:
  3. Now our Sketch question is ready, as a blank board:
  4. If we wish to use it as a ‘Sketch’ on an image, we would have to add an image to this question.
    In order to do so, add your attachment through the ‘Advanced’ tab of the Sketch question:
  5. Now, your sketch board will have the selected image so you can draw on the board.:
  6. In order to see your ‘Sketch’ files, you can enter the ‘Attachments’ tab of the interview, through the operations console:

    Here you would be able to save it too.

That’s It!

Visit us at: http://www.dooblo.net

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