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Child Survey Chapter

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Chapter 8 – Start/End Scripts

About child surveys

SurveyToGo enables you to start a survey from within another survey. This feature can be used for a bunch of different purposes such as:

  • Filling out surveys in response to conditions. For example: a survey for a retail store, that requires a different survey if the store was close.
  • Filling out surveys in response to events in the field. For example: general medical device survey, where if while filling out the general questions, the patient suddenly reacts you need to fill out a survey about his/her reaction then continue back to filling the general survey.
  • Simple loops.

Each child survey is rendered as a menu option on the device allowing for quick ad-hoc filling of child surveys.

How to make it happen?

In order to configure child surveys for a father survey, you just need to specify for the master survey which survey(s) are its child surveys. To accomplish this, do the following:

  1. Open the main survey.
  2. Click the “Edit Child Surveys” link on the advanced tab of the survey node:

  3. Click the “+” button to add a new child survey, then fill out the “Button Text” text. This text will be shown on the menu of the device:

    Then, click the “…” button to select the actual child survey from your existing surveys. Please note you can select any survey you want, and you can have a survey be a child survey of more then 1 parent.
  4. Click the “+” button to add more surveys or the “OK” button to finish.
  5. That’s it. You can now deploy the survey to the device and on the device you will see a menu

Working with child surveys on the device

Now, on the device when running the survey you will see a menu named “More”:

Clicking on this menu will bring up the ability to add or edit child surveys:

You can then select the relevant child survey from the list of surveys. This will start a new run of the child survey, after which you will return to the current survey.

To edit surveys you have already conducted tap the “Edit Additional Surveys” menu option, and then select the relevant survey.

How to change the “Data” field of child surveys for later editing?

When you choose to edit additional surveys from the device by clicking the option:

You will see a screen that lists out the various child surveys you have filled out. For example:

If you wish executing a child survey automatically, without needing the surveyor to do it manually, you can write the following script in your desired location in your questionnaire:

ChildMgr.StartChildSurvey(“THE NAME OF YOUR CHILD SURVEY”);




Name of the child survey


Internal ID


The time when you have started the child survey run


Additional data that can be associated with the child survey run.

The “Data” field can be used to specify whatever data you might want to associate with the child survey run. This value would populate the SubjectData variable.  To set it’s value from within the survey you can use SubjectData = “this is a value”;

The SubjectData is a variable that can later be presented as additional attribute of the survey on the Operations Console and assist with identifying a specific survey run. An example can be a survey of a household that then calls for a child survey for each member of the family. You can call the child survey with the family member name  by entering ChildMgr.StartChildSurvey(<Member Name>); or you can set it from within the child survey if the surveyor codes the name as one of the child survey questions. It will then be presented in the Operations Console and in the Additional Info column of the survey result in the surveyor’s device.

Please note you can interact with the “SubjectData” variable anywhere in the questionnaire, including Expression questions, start/end question scripts etc..

‘Communication’ between a Parent survey and a Child survey 

The most efficient way to perform information exchange between child and parent survey is by using the Parent object from within the child survey.

You can call any SurveyToGo function by using Parent. for example Parent.Answer(1) would return the value of question 1 in the parent survey. Parent.SetAnswer(1, 2) would set the value of question 1 in the the Parenet survey to 1. 

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