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How To: Creating Custom Action Buttons


SurveyToGo Studio enables you to script custom actions that will appear in your survey as buttons!
Anything you have in mind that is scriptable, you can script to an action button.

This ‘How-To’ will show you how to do it with a few simple steps:
Step 1: Add a new Custom Action.
Step 2: Write the code you want.
Step 3: Test it!

Here it is:

Step 1: Adding a new Custom Action

Go to the ‘Survey Properties’ tab.

Then, after clicking ‘Edit Custom Actions’, you should add a ‘New Action’ and choose its name:

Step 2: Writing the action button script:

Now you can write your own script in the ‘Action Code’ text-box, for example:

Please disregard the ‘Action Available’ text-box.

Step 3: Testing your action button:

First, enter a survey and run it.
Now, if you click your devices settings button (Each device the button looks different) you would get the menu which you would see the ‘Actions’ Button:

After clicking it, you would see the actions you configured:

By clicking it, the script you wrote in the ‘Action Code’ text-box will run once.
As you can see, I scripted it to prompt a message box, here it is:

That’s it !

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