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How To Add Surveyors And Assign Them To Projects


If you wish to assign your surveyors to different surveys and projects, this is document will show you how.

SurveyToGo is configured by default to assign all surveys to the surveyors in the current project, but this can be changed in order to help you manage your organization better.

  • First of all, we can see in the following picture a situation where we have different surveyors assigned to two different projects.
    Currently by default, each surveyor is assigned to all the surveys within his project.

  • Now, if we right click one of the surveys and choose the ‘settings’ button, we will see the following window.
    In this window we should tick the ‘Non Default Assignments’ checkbox, so a survey will not be assigned by default to all surveyors within the project.

  • After doing this, we will notice that the survey became expandable and now we have an option to assign or remove surveyors from the specific survey.

That’s it.

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