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(Tasks) Chapter 6 – Accessing location properties from within the survey logic

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Chapter 5 – Managing tasks


When designing your survey, you can access any column of the locations data and integrate that information into the question text, answer text or rules. An example of when this comes in handy:

  • To display some of the location data on the first question for verification purposes.
  • Showing the location name from within a question
  • Use skip rules or branch rules that depend on some of the current location properties.

How does the integration work

For example, say your location data looks like the following:

And I would like to show on the first question of the survey, the store name and area name of the store that this surveyor needs to survey (assuming I allocated this locations as tasks to the surveyors of course). Something like this:

To do this, I would simply add an “Empty” type question to the survey and in the question text put:

Notice that {0} will be replaced by the store name and the {1} by the area name. To instruct SurveyToGo to replace these with the right values you will need to switch to the “Scripts” tab of this question and write the following:

The “SetTextFormat” function replaces the {0} and {1} strings in the question with the the StoreName column value and the AreaName column value of the current location.

Just save and sync this survey and you will see that the location data is displayed. Please note you can use any column of the location table and in any question or answer of the survey.

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