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(Tasks) Chapter 3 – Creating and Assigning Tasks

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Chapter 2 – Project Locations


A task is dependent on both a location and a surveyor. Once its assigned to both the task is considered assigned and a surveyor can start working on it. Tasks are grouped together into batches to help you manage them.

Creating a batch of tasks

You can either manually create a new batch of tasks or load a predefined batch of tasks from excel. To manually create a new batch of tasks:

  1. Drill to the “Batches” node under the “Assignments” node of the project and double click it:

  2. Click the “New Batch” button, and the wizard will come up: 

  3. Give a name to the batch, for example: January tasks and click the Next button: 

  4. Change the default values if necessary, if you would like the tasks created to start immediately you will need to modify the default start date to be today: 

  5. If you already have a task assignment excel ready you can select to “import from excel” otherwise, just click next to manually select the locations you would like to create tasks for in this batch of tasks: 

  6. Select the relevant locations that should be surveyed in this batch of tasks. A task will be created for each of these locations: 

  7. Click the Finish button to generate the batch of tasks: 

  8. If you would like to continue directly to assign the surveyors of each task, click the “Yes”: 

Assigning tasks to surveyors

Once you have created a batch of tasks, you can go to the tasks console and start assigning the newly created tasks to your various surveyors. To do this:

  1. Double click the “Tasks” node to bring up the task management console: 

  2. To see all the tasks, De-Select the “Completed Date” and “Due Date” filters:
    Then click the “Get” button: 


  3. Select one or more tasks (use the CTRL key to select multiple tasks) and click the “Assign” button: 

  4. Choose the relevant surveyor you would like to assign to this task and click the OK button: 

  5. The color and status of this task will now change to “Assigned”: 

Assigning tasks from excel

Instead of manually assigning tasks to surveyors, you can create batches of pre-assigned tasks directly from excel. To load a task list:

  1. Start the create batch wizard as shown in the previous section do but when you get to the “Select Create Mode” screen – choose “Import from excel” and click Next: 

  2. Choose the file that contains the pre-assigned tasks in excel. The format of the excel (column names and order) is strict. To have SurveyToGo create an empty file for you to fill, you can click the “Create new file” button:
    The file should be in the following format: 

    and the only columns that are not optional are the “LocationCode” and “SurveyorName” columns. The other columns can be left blank and the defaults will be used instead. Here is a description of the columns:


Column Description
Name Name of this task. This name will be shown to the Surveyor. The value is optional.
LocationCode The code of the location. The value is NOT optional.
LocationName The name of the location. Optional. If not present the value of the location from the locations list will be used.
StartDate The “do not start before” date required of this task. If not filled out the default value will be taken from the batch definition.
DueDate The “must finish this task before” date of this task. If not filled out the default value will be taken from the batch definition.
SurveyorName The name of the surveyor user that this task is assigned to. This value is NOT optional.
Comment Comment that will be shown to the surveyor when seeing this task. This value is optional.


  1. Click the “Finish” button to create the batch with the pre-assigned tasks: 

You can then use the tasks management console to view the pre-assigned tasks.

Continue to Chapter 4 – Working with tasks in the field

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