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(Tasks) Chapter 2 – Project Locations

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Chapter 1 – Overview


The task system is based on locations. You will need to create an excel file that holds the project locations which can be stores or office branches or whatever locations you will need to conduct interviews at. Each location needs to have a unique identifier – a code – and a friendly name. The code will be used by SurveyToGo internally to reference the location and the friendly name will be used when showing the location to the surveyor.

Loading the locations into SurveyToGo from Excel

To start you will need an excel roughly resembling this one:

To load this file:

  1. Drill down to the relevant customer and to the locations node:

  2. Right click the locations node and click the “Add locations”:

  3. If you already have a location file loaded which you want to re-use, you can select it from the list, to load a new location file, click the “New Location” button:

  4. Then click the “Browse” button to locate your excel file and then the “Import” button to load it:

  5. After import, make sure the ID column is identified as the “user tag” (unique id) and that the friendly name column is identified as the “Is Name” column:

    If this is not the case click the appropriate ID column and select the Tag and name fields accordingly.
  6. Now, just give the new locations list a new and click the “Create” Button:

  7. You should see the “Success” message:

  8. Click OK and then select the newly created locations list and click the OK button:

  9. You should now see the new “Acme Inc stores” list appear under the locations node:

Managing the list of locations

You can manage the list of locations by double clicking the location node:

This will bring up the locations edit screen:

You can edit and then save the changes by clicking the “Save” button on the bottom-right corner:

You can also overwrite an entire list of locations all at once from an excel file by right clicking on the location node and clicking the “replace locations” option:

Linking a project to a list of locations

Different projects can be linked to different locations of a single customer. It is therefore necessary to link a project to its relevant location list. To do so you will need to right click the project node and select “general settings”:

Then select from the drop-down list the relevant location list of this customer:

Finally, click the “Refresh” option to make sure the project is refreshed:

Please note this is a one way operation. Once you have completed this, the project is bound to this location list and while the content of the location list can be modified as much as needed, the structure of the location list must remain the same.

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