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(Tasks) Chapter 1 – Overview

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Task system overview

SurveyoToGo includes a task assignment system to assist customers in creating and assigning tasks to their field surveyors. Tasks consist of which survey to conduct at which location and by whom. Once you work with the task system, the SurveyToGo data collection clients show the “tasks” system to the surveyors instead of the regular ad-hoc surveying option.

The task system works with locations. Locations are the places where surveys are to be conducted at. For example, locations can be stores, houses, office branches etc. Each location should have a unique identifier – a code – which the system can identify it by and a friendly name that the surveyor will see.

Task batches
A batch of tasks represents a group of tasks that you can reference. You can create a monthly batch of tasks or a weekly one or however you would like to group tasks.

Task Assignments
Each task has a location assigned to it. Once you assign a surveyor to the task it becomes “assigned” and the surveyor in the field will see this task. The task console is used to manage the tasks and task batches:

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