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Installing SurveyToGo for Android

Install SurveyToGo for Android on your mobile phone or tablet

If you know how to use the barcode app on your phone, you can use the bar code below to install SurveyToGo on your Android phone:

Or simply open the Google Market:

Then, search for SurveyToGo:

And search for SurveyToGo. You should see it in the search results:

Tap on SurveyToGo and click the install button to install SurveyToGo for Android.

In any case that you are not able to enter the market or can’t find SurveyToGo in the market, you can always use the following link to install it through the tablet’s\ mobile-phone’s web-browser:


That’s it!

Please note that at any time you can contact our live support for a real-time chat with one of our specially trained support professionals that can:

  • Get you started and point you in the right direction
  • Answer any technical or business question you might have
  • Assist you with setting up your projects

You can also press the button located on the bottom left to contact our live support professionals.

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