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Chapter 17 – Using SurveyToGo for kiosk-based surveys

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Chapter 16 – Chapter 16 – Advanced Topics  

SurveyToGo can be used on kiosk computers to run kiosk surveys. In this mode, the survey is running in full screen, has many font, color and logo options. The end result is a survey that can be filled out by the respondents themselves (self administered) without the need for a surveyor to be involved.  

Kiosk computers with SurveyToGo can be placed at places such as restaurants, fast food chains, bank branches and other places which host a large number of visitors throughout the day. Satisfaction surveys can be then placed on the kiosk computers running SurveyToGo for easy collection of data.  

The rest of this article is dedicated to show you how to technically configure SurveyToGo to work in kiosk mode and how to manipulate the wide range of options available to you for running through kiosk-mode surveys.  

The new Kiosk mode


Dooblo’s SurveyToGo (www.dooblo.net)  enables you to edit a wide variety of properties in your survey that affect the PC Surveyor application’s running mode for that survey.
To open the PC Properties screen, choose one of the following options:  

1. Open the “PC Preview” option at the right bottom of the screen, and click on “Edit PC Properties”.  

2. Click on “Survey” > “Edit PC Props…”.  


The “Edit pc properties” contains three different tabs: General, Colors, and Kiosk.  

1. Kiosk
SurveyToGo enables you to use the PC window in a Kiosk mode.
The kiosk mode is a new feautre that was added at the latest version of SurveyToGo. you can download SurveyToGo through www.dooblo.net
To activate the kiosk mode, just follow these steps:
1. Open the “Edit PC Properties” option.
2. Click on the “Kiosk” tab.
3. Check the “take Full Screen” box.  

At the Kiosk tab you may also find the following options:
1.1 Kiosk Settings
Hide Clock: check this box to hide the clock which is displayed on the right top corner of the PC Surveyor.
Hide Buttons: Check this box to hide the survey buttons (Stop, Save, Attach, Note etc.).
Hide Control Box: Check this box to hide the control box (Close, minimize, full screen).
Hide Status Panel: Currently not implemented.
Take Full Screen: Check this box to activate the kiosk mode and view your survey in a full screen mode.
Exit password: Set a password to exit the full screen kiosk mode. The default password is “Exit now!”.  

1.2 Kiosk Logos
Right/Left Logo: You can add your logo and/or your customer logo. The left logo is set by default to be SurveyToGo. In order to change it into a different logo, please contact us at support@dooblo.net.
Set Kiosk Defaults: Click on this button to set the default Kiosk settings (auto check for all the Kiosk settings boxes).  

2. General  


2.1 Question Layout
Flow Layout: The default question layout.
Table Layout: Enables you to display your questions in a table mode.
Checking this box enables you to set the following options:
Number Of Columns: Number of columns to be displayed in each page.
Suggest Column Size: Check this box in order that SurveyToGo will suggest you the optimal size per each displayed column.
Column Size (pixels): Enables you to set the size of each column.
Question layout– You may choose to display your questions vertically or horizontally. (This option works only if you display more than one question in a page).  

2.2 Client window

PC Window Is Fixed Size: Disables the option to resize the pc window.
PC Window Is Maximized: View your survey in a full screen mode.
Note: Do not check “hide control box” at the “Kiosk” tab, in order to be able to minimize or change your pc window screen size.
Pc Window Width/Height: Manually decide the width and height of the pc window screen.
Background color: Choose the background color of the pc window.  

2.3 Fonts
SurveyToGo enables you the option to change the font settings of all of your questions, answers or topics at once, by checking the relevant boxes. You can change the font style, font size, effects, sample and script.  

Font Size: Checking this box will change the font size of all of your survey (questions, answers, topics etc.), and will uncheck all the other font options.  

3. Colors
The color tab enables you to change a wide variety of colors at the PC Window, such as header color, keyboard color, navigation buttons and question colors.  

For more details about SurveyToGo please visit us at http://www.dooblo.net

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