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Chapter 4 – Taking pictures/recording sounds through the tablet

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Chapter 3 – Managing a Tablet Survey

About attaching files to the running surveys 

SurveyToGo is enabled by default to accept any file that is created during the survey as an attachment to the running survey result. Because of this, any pictures that you take during the survey or any sounds that you record during the survey are automatically attached to the current survey result and will be sent along with the result to the server.

How to make it happen 

  1. Create your survey.
  2. Add a “Multimedia” question to the survey. You can add text like this: “Please use your camera to take a picture now”. (you can add any text you like).
  3. Choose the type of multimedia collected in the ‘Answers’ tab.
  4. Save your survey and Sync your device.

Now, once the survey is running, you can take a capture the multimedia you chose by using the action button that will be displayed in the question.  Any multimedia that you capture while you are in a survey is automatically bound to that survey result. Continue running the survey normally and once you synchronize the results back to the server, the pictures are synced with the results.

How to export the attached pictures/sounds 

In the last screen of the export wizard, you can specify the folder for the attachments

Option Description
Export Data File This is the file name that will be filled with all the results according to your selection
Include result attachments If you specify this option and select a folder location, any picture attachment that was included in the results will be placed in this folder. The name of the picture will be according to the relevant SubjectID field in the results file.
Include attachment list If checked, you can choose a csv file that will receive a list of links to the various pictures that were included in the results. This is useful if you need links to the attachments instead of the actual pictures.

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