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Chapter 3 – Managing a PDA Survey

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Typical PDA Scenario

When using SurveyToGo with a mobile work force on the field for data collection a typical scenario will be:

In this scenario, a number of field surveyors are used to collect the data. Each of the field surveyors can have a number of surveys assigned to him and sends his results back to the SurveyToGo Server for processing.
In this scenario, after creating the relevant surveys, the Survey Manager application is used to both create new surveyors and to assign the surveys to the various field surveyors or groups. When the field surveyors synchronize their devices, their updated survey package will include the surveys assigned to them.

Managing Surveyor users & groups

You can add as many surveyor users as you need. Typically for every person in the field you would create a separate user and password but sometimes customers prefer to have a surveyor user per device instead or even use only one “master user” for all field surveyors to use. Basically it’s up to you. You can also create groups of surveyors and put one or more surveyor into that group. This has the benefit of assigning the group to a project instead of individual users.

Adding Users

In order to add a surveyor:

  1. Expand the relevant project node::
  2. Right-click the “Surveyors” node, and select “Add Surveyor”:
  3. Double click the “Create new Surveyor User” link:
  4. Fill out the surveyor details and click the “OK” button.


Assigning the survey to surveyors or groups

By default, once you switch a survey to test/production mode it is automatically assigned to the user who created the survey. However, you can assign the same survey to other surveyors/group of surveyors.

To assign the survey to a surveyor or a group of surveyors follow these steps:

  1. Expand the relevant project node::
  2. Right-click the “Surveyors” node, and select “Add Surveyor”:
  3. Select the relevant existing surveyor and click the “OK” button. This will assign the surveyor or group to the project.

The “Operations Console” – Who did what when?

SurveyToGo includes an operations console that enables you to

  • get a clear “Who did what when” picture of your survey
  • View the data for each of the results
  • Change the status of results, and then change the data of the results.
  • Add comments
  • Assign results back to the PDA
  • View result attachments

You can open the Operations Console both for a specific survey and  for all your surveys. If you open the Operations Console for a specific survey, only that specific survey results will be shown. If you open the Operations Console for the entire Surveys node, you will see results for all surveys.

To open the Operations Console:

Drill down to the specific project you would like to manage and double click the “Operations” node:

The following operations console will now open:

This screen shows you the latest approved interviews and also allows you to browse into the various interviews by double clicking on an interview:

A new screen will open with all the data about this specific interview:

From this screen you can view the data and attachments of this interview, and change the status and mode of this survey result.

NOTE: Please note that in “Approved” mode, the data is read only. To change the data you will need to change the mode from “Approved” to “Requires Approval”, then click the OK and re-open the result:

To get more information about the “Approved” status and how to apply a non-auto-approve mode for your survey, please read on.

Configuring a survey to not “auto-approve” results

By default, surveys are set to work in “Auto-Approve” mode. This means that survey results are automatically marked as approved once they are uploaded to the server.

Why would you want to change this behavior?

An example might be that you need to hand out survey results to your customers, and you want to employ some quality assurance on the actual survey results and only export the results that you have marked as “Approved”. You can easily do that by marking the Survey as not to auto-approve, and then use the operations console to go over “Pending Approval” results, and approve the ones you find appropriate.

To change this:

  1. Open the Survey Designer application (Start > Programs > Dooblo SurveyToGo > Survey Designer)
  2. In the Survey properties screen, check the “Review” checkbox & save the survey:

Exporting only “approved” results

If you need to only export the approved results, simply go through the regular export wizard and in the last step click the “Options” tab and select the status you want to export:

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