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Chapter 16 – Advanced Topics

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Chapter 15 – Loading Excel Lists As Question Answers

Showing table of contents

When you are working with Chapters and sub chapters, SurveyToGo includes the ability to show a table of contents menu on the PDA for quick navigation through the survey. To enable the Table Of Contents feature:

  1. Go to the Root-Chapter of your survey
  2. In the “Advanced” tab, check the “Show in TOC” checkbox.
  3. Go to each of the chapters that you want to show in the TOC menu and in their “Advanced” tab, check the “Show in TOC” checkbox.


Note: the name of the Root-Chapter will be the name that will be shown in the TOC menu. So you get the power to control what the menu name will show by changing the Chapter Name of the root-chapter.

Showing the top panel

SurveyToGo supports showing a top panel while running the survey on the PDA. You can write any text that you wish in the top panel and also interact with the top panel from question start and end scripts. Common usages for the top panel are:

  • Showing a question answer on the top panel for the rest of the survey run.
  • Showing the current date
  • Showing any custom text that you want to show.


To enable the top panel:

    1. On the Survey Properties page, check the “Show Top Panel” checkbox
    2. In the Survey Rules page, add the following code in the “Survey Init Code” textbox: “TopBanner.Visible = True;”
    3. Then, you can change the text of the text box in any question start or end script by coding the following line in the question start/end script textbox: TopBanner.Text = “Just a text”;

Note that you can also change the panels back and fore colors and the font size and type. Please refer to the “SurveyToGo Expressions Guide, Chapter 4 – Built In Functions” under the “Visual functions for a list of properties and interactions with the TopBanner.

 Running the survey in loop

SurveyToGo supports a mode where on the PDA, once you complete a survey, you are automatically directed to a new survey form without the need for pressing the “Run” button again. This is useful for small surveys that need where fast entry of surveys is of the most importance. To enable a survey to “Run in a loop:

  1. In the Survey Properties tab, check the “Run in a loop” checkbox.


Hiding the back button

SurveyToGo supports hiding the back button while running the survey on the PDA. To enable this:

  1. In the Survey Properties tab, check the “Hide back” checkbox.


Showing a custom Logo throughout the survey on the device

SurveyToGo supports showing a custom logo picture while running the survey which can be used to give the survey a more “customer” look & feel. To show a custom logo:

  1. Add your logo as an attachment to SurveyToGo as described in Chapter 5.
  2. When adding the attachment to your survey, make sure to give the attachment the “stgLogo” code name, this special code name will make SurveyToGo use this picture as a logo when running the survey.

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