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Chapter 12 – Answer Scales

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About Answer Scales

A very useful feature of SurveyToGo is answer scales. A Scale is a set of pre-defined answers which you can then re-use throughout your survey without the need to add the same answers to different questions. The use of scales can make it easier when using scores in surveys as you can define the answer scores inside the scale avoiding the need to define the score for each individual answer in each question.

The use of answer scales is encouraged and can save you a lot of time during survey design as changing the definition of a scale immediately affects all the questions that use that scale.

Using Answer Scales

Using answer scales involves:

  1. Define the scale
  2. Associate the scale with the relevant questions


Step 1: Define a new answer scale

In order to define a new answer scale:

Switch to the “Advanced” tab of the survey node and click the “Edit Answer Scales” link:

  1. Click the “+” button to create a new scale:
  2. Enter the relevant answers in the scale grid by clicking on the “Text” cells and entering answers:
    note you can set other properties other then the text as well through this screen.
  3. When you are done configuring answers, enter a name for the scale and either click OK to finish or the “+” to add another scale:

    ** You can click the “Create Name” button to have SurveyToGo generate a name for your scale automatically.

Step 2: Associating scales with questions

In order to associate a scale with a question:

  1. Click the relevant question and switch to the answer tab:
  2. Select the relevant scale from the available answer scales by choosing from the scales dropdown list:
  3. Notice that the answers are automatically filled once you select the scale:

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